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Unnecessary Torture House Loop
Unedited Stickam Rap (old) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
inception-like loop thing Classical Loop
I AM A MUSICAL GENIUS Experimental Loop
x_x again Drum N Bass Loop
Washer Machine House Loop Experimental Loop
TUBA BEAT Miscellaneous Loop
Happy Disco Loop Experimental Loop
My First Song On SoundCloud Industrial Loop
Crunk Loop (Ft. Lil Jon) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Serious Loop Beat Miscellaneous Loop
Slowly Drifting Away Miscellaneous Loop
Rape Funk Loop Funk Loop
Uneven Loop Synthwave Loop
Random Cool Beat Loop Thing :) Miscellaneous Loop
Native Techno Loop Techno Loop
Ja, Du Bist Ein Disco! Dance Loop
fruityloop (LOOP) Miscellaneous Loop
I'm hunting wabbit! Miscellaneous Song
cool beat dude Experimental Loop
Inevitable Collide (loop) Miscellaneous Loop
Ridin' Raw Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
LETS GET LOUD!!! Experimental Loop
OKAY Experimental Loop
1beat2rulethemALL Experimental Loop
REMIX Super Mario Athletic Theme Hip Hop - Modern Loop

2016 Submissions

The End Of The World (Terence Mckenna) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
lil thomish the train loop Miscellaneous Loop
Pea Remix (Flea) Experimental Loop
Dream Remix (The Immortal) Nerdcore Loop
Katamari Damacy DnB remix Drum N Bass Loop
SPAM BASS LOOP SORRY Miscellaneous Loop
I'ma Shit My Pants Tonight Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Polished Turd Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Snore Loop (got new speakers) Miscellaneous Loop
Yeah Yeah Yeah OK (loop) Experimental Loop
Bangin' Banger Experimental Song
diddledeedoo 6/4 loop Miscellaneous Loop
BigBeatBassMon (LOOP) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
8-bit random beat Miscellaneous Loop
fun techno loop Miscellaneous Loop
I don't want your baby Miscellaneous Loop
Driving up to LA (loop) Video Game Loop
I'm a boss ass bitch Hip Hop - Modern Loop
just kickin' it (loop) Miscellaneous Loop
THE AIR HORN BANGER Experimental Loop
my own original work Miscellaneous Loop
I'll take any kind of dick IDGAF Techno Loop
super epic trumpet solo Miscellaneous Loop
Blippy Techno Loop Thing Techno Loop
happy dance arpegio loop thing Dance Loop
worst build up ever Nerdcore Loop
waiting loop Miscellaneous Loop
Improvising Miscellaneous Loop
Gentle Lil Loop Experimental Loop
Mosey Experimental Loop
Coastin' Miscellaneous Loop
String Groove Miscellaneous Loop
oom pa pa Miscellaneous Loop
Can you understand Miscellaneous Song
start it simple Miscellaneous Loop
Ruined Miscellaneous Loop
Snazzy Beat Yo Video Game Loop
deth bizkit Heavy Metal Loop
baby baby baby Heavy Metal Loop
we be steppin' Nerdcore Loop
Randomized Loop Experimental Loop
Falling Up Again Miscellaneous Loop
Falling Up Cinematic Loop
Cinematic Video Game Loop Video Game Loop
Circus Loop Miscellaneous Loop
hip beat yo Miscellaneous Loop
Accelerating Nonsense Miscellaneous Loop
Existing Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Sneaky Beat Dance Loop
Bipolar Loop Experimental Loop
crazy bass loop Dubstep Loop
Chicken in the Kitchen Miscellaneous Song
random DnB loop Drum N Bass Loop
Satisfying Techno Loop Techno Loop
Komplete Loop Experimental Loop
Hypnotic Headache Experimental Loop
Fresh Air Ambient Loop

2015 Submissions

Raise The Riff General Rock Loop
Upbeat Chiptune Chipstep Loop
Rudolph Loop R&B Loop
beep boop Experimental Loop
Balance Experimental Loop
off time Drum N Bass Loop
happy little cloud Chipstep Loop
Drones Takeoff Experimental Loop
get a feel for it Dance Loop
Piano Troll Jazz Loop
Mainstream Madness Dubstep Loop
huh? Cinematic Loop
idk what this is Experimental Loop
Mangled Thoughts Experimental Song
Super Duper Bell Hill Extended Remastered (SupMarioBro3DWrld) Video Game Loop
my sad and quick attempt at trap music Experimental Loop
Dirty Loop Industrial Loop
Sliced Beats Experimental Loop
Pentatonic Loop Experimental Loop
crusin down the alley Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
pluckaplucka Experimental Loop
Lil Bigger Bassline Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Lil Bassline Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Press Start Loop Video Game Loop
Crash Bang Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Chest Hair Techno Loop
Pick it up Miscellaneous Loop
Strip My Mind R&B Loop
lazy loop Experimental Loop
Regenerating Loop Trance Loop
walk in the park Funk Loop
Luminosity Loop Techno Loop
Little Electronic Groove Dance Loop
hey this is a cool mother fuckin beat R&B Loop
Untitled E-piano Groove Jazz Loop
Cosmic Giggle Experimental Loop
dumb beat Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
random electronic beat Techno Loop
Voice Message 2 Chipstep Loop
Voice Message 1 Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
late night vibe loop Jazz Loop
duh beat Video Game Loop
Oh my lordy Chipstep Loop
The Dank Funk Loop
loop beat thing Experimental Loop
Me Gusta Dance Loop
pep Experimental Loop
mess Experimental Loop
Hey, will you lick my butt? Cinematic Loop
shake that booty R&B Loop
Tuba Tumble Heavy Metal Loop
dont bother Dance Loop
yelojelo Funk Song
Dizzy Distortion Experimental Loop
Little Hand Techno Loop
im bad at naming things Ambient Song
Chord Idea Solo Instrument Loop
Kill Meeeeeeee!!! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Love Meeeeeeeeee!!! Solo Instrument Loop
happy jazz shit Jazz Loop
Jammin Beats Mon Boh Boh Dubstep Loop
3 Pianos Classical Song
Slam Jam Space Ham Drum N Bass Song
I'm Back Bitches Techno Song
Comeback Dream Hip Hop - Modern Song
Red Nebula Industrial Song
Faded Jungle Drum N Bass Song
3 Bowls Dubstep Song
Trippin' Out Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Class Project Movie Theme Hip Hop - Modern Song
wah wah wah wah Dance Loop
Vocoder Beat Wooohooo Miscellaneous Loop
My shitty samples and such Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Searching A Gay Man's Anu Classical Loop
First GAIA Loop Dance Loop
Pimpin Cowboy Loop General Rock Loop
Tuna Nut Miscellaneous Song
WTF Is Trance? Trance Loop
Arctic Fox GameJam End Credits Classical Song
Arctic Fox GameJam Main Theme Drum N Bass Loop
Sex on wheels Funk Loop
The loop that wasn't Classical Loop
Industrial Thing Loop Industrial Loop
Casio - Heart and Soul Miscellaneous Song
Connor and Jon make a song Miscellaneous Song
Halloween-ish Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
My Catchy Lil Bassline Miscellaneous Song
video game driving crunk dawg Hip Hop - Modern Loop
orchestraly messing around Classical Song
Drunken Waltz Loop Jazz Loop
Ambient Suspensful loop Ambient Loop
Conforming Dub Shit Song Dubstep Song
Halloween-ish Loop Thing Ambient Loop
beatuntitledwhat REMIX Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ambient UltraBeat Ambient Song
Robots!!! March!!!!!!!!! Industrial Loop
FLip-flops Pt. 1.5 Miscellaneous Song
Just making stuff up Miscellaneous Song
Rappin Beat Yo Dawg Ya Boi Yo Hip Hop - Modern Song
Untitled Expiramentation. Miscellaneous Song
Song Experiment Doop Poop Techno Song
Pick Up The Phuuuuuuuuuu (mac) Miscellaneous Song
Dramatic Movie Intro Classical Song
Beatboxing In Heaven Miscellaneous Loop
Midnight Remix Loop Classical Loop
Calm 8-bit Loop Video Game Loop
Extreme Ninja Fight Music Drum N Bass Song
Get The Hell Out Dance Loop
Glitchy Shit Bit Drum N Bass Loop
Dah Best Sungz Evarz Lolol Trance Song
Rig's Nipple Milk Miscellaneous Song

2009 Submissions

Printer-of-Death Miscellaneous Loop
Orchestra of DOOM!!! Classical Song
Beat Boxing Boner Miscellaneous Song
8-Bit Lazy Summer Days Video Game Song
x_x Drum N Bass Song
Brutal Summer Fun Drum N Bass Song
Thomas is gay! R&B Song
My silly song this is! Techno Song
Vocal Conundrum Miscellaneous Loop
8-bit shit again............ Video Game Loop
Rockin' Shit General Rock Loop
Jazzy Funk Shit Loop Funk Loop
Hooked Loop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Heavy Metal Suspence Heavy Metal Loop
8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit LOOP Video Game Loop
Citrus Punch Pop Song
Mutha Fucken Noize Faggot! Grunge Loop
Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop Trance Loop
Poop Nuckles Drum N Bass Loop
Dusty Iron Grave Miscellaneous Song
Claims of New Grounds-DecMAC08 Miscellaneous Song
Technologic Dance Remix! Dance Song
Happie Burfdai!!! Dance Loop
Another Popcorn Remix! (fod) Dance Song
8-bit Jig Video Game Loop
Be Happy Damnit! Techno Song
Sax House Loop House Loop
FoD's Sexymaphone (Remastered) Ska Loop
The Voices In My Head Voice Demo Loop
3/4 Madness March [MAC08] Classical Loop
The Army Goes [Rolling] Along Dance Loop
Hard Disco Dance Loop Dance Loop
FoD's Sexymaphone Indie Loop
Marching Chorus Classical Loop
Synthetic Groove Dance Loop
Dancing Squares Country Loop
Heavens Choir Classical Loop
Hip-Hop IS Simple... Hip Hop - Modern Loop
The Hip-Hop Shop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Funk Vocal Loop Voice Demo Loop
I Has Da Drooms! Drum N Bass Song
FoD's Challenge Track Miscellaneous Song
When Darkness Ensues Ambient Loop
My House is Your House House Song
Punk Loop Dance Loop
A Little 8-Bit Jam Video Game Loop
King of Rainbow REMIX! Techno Loop
Emotion of Technology Trance Loop
World's Genre Dance Song
Happy Hardcore Trance Loop Trance Loop
Heaven Rd. [FoD REMIX!] Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Handlebars - Flobot [FoDcover] Heavy Metal Loop
FL Melo1 Work in progress. Trance Loop
The Hoover Loop House Loop
BeatBoxing [Drum and Bass] Voice Demo Loop
Groovy Drum and Bass? Drum N Bass Song
FLip-flop Hip Hop - Modern Song
FruityLoops Rocks! General Rock Loop
The Bestest Song Evar!!! Dance Loop
Da Funk (FoD Mix) House Song
You Have Waffles!?!? Miscellaneous Song
I've Got Big Balls Country Song
I Like Cookies Miscellaneous Loop
Poopy Brains Doodoo Face Industrial Loop
The Epic Egg Roll Classical Loop
Robot One-Eleven <([WIP]) Industrial Song
Slaughter Happy Drum N Bass Song
Pico Sucks Nuts (MAC April 08) Industrial Song
Bass is Yummy [Loop] Dance Loop
Endless Handbag (FoD Remi Miscellaneous Song
Breaking Bottles Voice Demo Song
Just a 3xOsc tune. Techno Song
Wow Loop Voice Demo Loop
Brick Builder Video Game Song
Techno Menu Loop Techno Loop
I Am The Easter Bunny! Drum N Bass Song
When Ashes Fall -(FoD)- Dance Song
Bot Acid Foundry Dance Song
Raving Surprise Techno Song
Heart And Soul (FoD Mix) House Song
Didgeripoo Beat Drum N Bass Loop
Polka Rave! [not Hard Core!] Techno Song
Check it out! [FoDmix] Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Betrayed Ambient Song
3OSC Fun! (Old) Techno Song
Chain On The Side Trance Loop
Scream Hard! Drum N Bass Song
[NG] Funk Song
Hard Core Jingle Balls Techno Loop
Eat Babies! Techno Song
Cappuccino Machine Drum N Bass Loop
Happy Elevator Music Blues Loop
Asdfghjkl D:< Dance Song
Putrid Drum N Bass Song
The Mountain King ([FoD M House Song
Move To The Beat Dance Song
Piggle Poo Drum N Bass Song
(Loop) Twisted Beat Drum N Bass Loop
Take this out! Loop Funk Loop
Beat Box Loop Voice Demo Loop
Brain Factory Miscellaneous Song
Madness Pep Song Dance Song
Happy March :D Classical Loop
Lawl Omg Gabber Dance Song
Funk you up! Funk Song
Furious Overload Detection Drum N Bass Song
Snap Yo Fingers -LOOP- Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Happy Again Techno Song
Simply Put Dance Song
Chiga Chiga Mix! Miscellaneous Loop
Funky Elevator Music Funk Loop
Lion King Miscellaneous Loop
Dance to the beat now! Techno Song
STFU N' RAVE! Techno Song
Deep Submarine Drum N Bass Song
Mid Evil March Classical Song
Chronicly Noted Techno Song
Retro Tune Techno Song
Salty Popcorn Techno Song
Yakity Techno Techno Song
Electrofying Bass Sequence Drum N Bass Song
Life Is Great Techno Loop
-Joyful Glory- Techno Song
Rapid Hard Core Tekno Techno Loop
Devil's Pancakes -REMIKS- Techno Song
><[]><[INTRUD3R-AL3RT]><[]>< Techno Song
-|\/|ighty |\/|ini |\/|idi- Video Game Song
Midis loop Video Game Loop
-=:Gr3aT 4 A GA|V|E:=- New Wave Loop
Nigga Cheese Hip Hop - Modern Song
Teh Trumpet Song Trance Loop
*:{)[-Nonsenceicle Loop-](}:* Miscellaneous Song
Progenitor R3MIKS!!! Techno Song
Lookin So Down Dance Song
Slow Brain Heavy Metal Song
Sleepy Sleepy Song Miscellaneous Loop
Devil's Pancakes Dance Loop
-OCON- ]:D YAWR!!! Dance Loop
Nightvision- Soul Revolution Dance Song
Dzex- Band Fag! Classical Loop
AnSpal1202- Louda! Dance Loop
::n1kTr1b:: BOt ATTACk Techno Loop
Supa Dupa Tunez Trance Song
Supa Tunez Trance Song
Classical Doohikee (FoD) Classical Song
Batteries not included (F Video Game Song
Monster Bass (FoD) Techno Loop
Rok it crazy! Miscellaneous Song
Funk you up! (FoD) Funk Loop
Loopy Goodness Techno Loop
Nice n' short (FoD) Dance Loop
BOOM ( FoD) Video Game Loop