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You are free to use a bunch of audio loops i've been making BTW!

2016-04-07 12:41:46 by Father-of-Death

I have a lot of loops on my audio page, If you are an animator/game dev, go ahead and use any of my music I have uploaded. FOR FREE!*

*just put my name in the credits or something with song name and PM me so I can vote 5 on your awesome creation! :D


Stay awesome Newgrounds!



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2016-04-07 14:48:16

Why yes, thank you. Heeheehee!

Father-of-Death responds:

No, thank YOU! :^D


2016-04-07 15:03:59

I see you are not exaggerating when you say you have a lot of loops... maybe I'll use some of them.

Father-of-Death responds:

use all of them please


2016-04-18 19:01:04

the protomen???

Father-of-Death responds:

No, the father of death is a song by them though, i made this name when i was an angsty teenager...


2016-04-26 18:47:17

Glad to see you're still at it!

Father-of-Death responds:

we need to collab again u fucko


2016-04-28 00:16:00

That would be cool, I still suck though!