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Father-of-Death MUSIC ON YOUTUBE!

Posted by Father-of-Death - October 21st, 2017

I'm going to start putting my music on Youtube now.

F-o-D's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC60x2T-4HVvWXKQIhDec2gA

All Songs Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOoD5VYrrEvUt5zeHNVZftv_fImKHzxVN

If you want me to upload a certain song of mine, let me know.

Go ahead and subscribe! :D


Comments (7)

Don't have a YT, but I'll let the PL run in the BG, as to enhance my time on NG, OK, GG

sick! only 35 short songs on it so far but I'm trying to make longer quality songs now. atleast I think I am idk.

Earlier this century some college kids recorded the daily heartbeat rhythm from a few subjects, gave the time between beats a note, then gave a listen. You can tell a story, just by listening to your heart.

Yea maybe shoot for 2:30, 3... if it were me, I'd measure: waking up, then realizing I got a day off and a good chicken sammich in the fridge, (eat, load game) finish up by winning an online race against 30 (mostly) honorable racers from across the globe. Got about 5/6 way thru your PL before I took a nap

haha. what racing game are you playing.

and i like how you said "earlier this century" lol

GTA online, Friday Night Fun Runs, crew of about 200, we use Discord as a hub, just as diverse and fuck headed as this place. We're on good terms with other race crews, still get called rammers and modders though.

lol GTA is notorious for hackers so that is understandable tho haha

Aaand I've been suspended from it: 30 days and a complete wipe of over 2 years and thousands of hours. So fuck Cockstar and their AI.

Been liking the instrument sets you've been using lately, as well as the experimental compositions, keep it up!

You rock!

woof woof

Yo dude I've known about you since you were in the CTSG collab, it's cool seeing you're still at it

thats awesome!!!! yeah its been a bumpy road but im still goin

I'm a little late but time to go on a binge listening session. <3

me too.... im always late